Smart Health Card

Smart Health Card is a free membership card provided to consumers who want to take facilities from our center where special benefits and privileges are provided to them and their family members through this card. Nita Polyclinic & Diagnostic Center provides complete services of healthcare including health check-up packages to contribute your health, diagnostic, and treatments under the concept of “Good Health = Great Wealth.” To achieve this concept, we would like to present you with our membership "Smart Health Card".

Benefits of Smart Health Card

Get upto 30% discounts

OPD Consultation for General Medicine,
Gynecology and Dental

30% discount

Lab Investigations*

15% discount
* Excluding outsourced investigations


10% discount


15% discount

Echocardiogram, ECG and Spirometry

15% discount

Ultrasound and Digital Xray

10% discount

Steps for applying Smart Health Card


Login to your account from


Register a patient.


Apply for a Smart Health Card, for the above registered patient.


Smart Health Card goes for a patient's details verification.


After verification, you will be notified with SMS/Email or in a call.


Verfied "Smart Health Card" can be downloaded and get different offers and discounts.


Smart Health Card will be Valid for ?

Card will be valid for a period of one year.

Smart Health Card will be Activated from ?

Card will be activated from the day of first use.

Will Smart health Card be renewed ?

Card will be renewed for one year after atleast 10 uses in each year.

Will the Smart Health Card be useful to immediate family members ?

Membership Card benefits will be extended for all the immediate family members.

Terms and uses of Smart Health Card.

The NITAPathlabs reserves the right to change the information, and conditions of the renew membership, cancellation of membership, and other conditions without prior notice.

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